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In this section we invite you to discover well-known and lesser-known Demers.
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The Outstanding Ones

In the first section of his book
published in 2012 by our Association, Jacques Brunette wrote:
“In this section whose title, “Les grands noms”, may seem a little pretentious, we listed a good number of Demers whose personality, history or works seemed worthy of mention to us. Such an enumeration always presents the risk of forgetting some or making choices that will not be unanimous.
That’s why we thought we would offer, for our members exclusively, a link to this list  The Outstanding Ones and an opportunity to add new names to our list (see section below).

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Mélanie Demers choreographer/danser, Montréal: Yves Demers
Suzon Demers,
visual artist, Ottawa:
Les Serres Demers
Demers guitars

New personalities or events

Mélanie Demers – dance/theatre: Cabaret noir at NAC
Nazaire Demers and St Gilles, Québec Nazaire Demers -WWI

New Outstanding Ones

Roger Demers - Pilot

The Association des gens de l’air, founded on September 19, 1975 by a group led by Roger Demers, gets its hands on CALPA’s internal note and submits it to the attention of the Federal Minister of Transport and the media. Le Devoir headlines: “As a protest against the French, multiply the incidents,” CALPA told the pilots. A commission of inquiry is established by the Minister and will conclude: “The evidence on file shows that operating efficiency will not be affected” and that “implementation will not entail any significant costs. ” It is estimated that the linguistic struggle waged by this association was one of the ingredients that allowed the election of the Parti Québécois in November 1976. It was from that year that the government gradually authorised the use of French in aeronautical communications in Quebec (VFR and IFR) and later in the Ottawa capital region as well as at some airports in Acadia. One of the last barriers had just fallen for Francophones. Sources: : Magazine de l’aviation and Journal des gens de l’air, l’approche directe, from the AQ website, and from the book Au temps des premières ailes, by Pierre Thiffault, Éditions Typographe
See also the article of JULY 7 1977 page A7 in Le Soleil: Roger Demers “chevalier du ciel”, québécois d’abord!

Georges Demers - Architect

Major projects were carried out by his office during the period from 1960 to 1972, marked by the election of the Quebec Liberal Party and of Prime Minister Jean Lesage, June 22, 1960; the “quiet revolution”; the economic boom of the 1960s.

In particular, the Outardes 4 and 3 hydroelectric developments, the Laviolette bridge in Trois-Rivières, and the Pierre-Laporte bridge over the St. Lawrence and the Portage bridge between Ottawa and Gatineau, and the exceptional contribution of the office staff to their realisation.
Source: Web site note A link to a Biography of Georges Demers by his son Jean can be found on this same page.