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When the mother house of Mölker Bastei 5 opened its doors to customers and guests in 1981, a chapter in the history of Austrian tea was written. Andrew Demmer, the founder of the company, brought a piece of global culture to Vienna that was still a little simple from the early 1980s – as far as tea is concerned, of course – with a combination of tea room and tea room. The exquisite selection of classic varieties, combined with the owner’s almost infinite expertise, has made the concept a success. The offer was complemented by mixtures specially created by the founder of the company, which were particularly intended to meet the taste of Viennese tea. It was also he who created the first mixture of Austrian fruits – our orchard – in 1981. We still offer these and other varieties today, including the Bastei mix or the classic Original Kaminfeuer seasonal tea.
Over the years, the company had become a subsidiary that now operates several tea shops under the name DEMMERS TEEHAUS. The range has been expanded with bagged products in which hand-sorted raw materials are transformed into practical portioning according to strict quality requirements. With these product developments, more and more gastronomy and hotel companies have also drawn attention to the products of the DEMMER house and we are therefore now represented in all gastronomic sectors with excellent teas.   Since 1981, Vienna has become many times more colorful and cosmopolitan and DEMMERS TEEHAUS has become a brand concerned about tradition but looking to the future.