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Saint-Pierre-les Becquets 2016




The Demers families came together by the St-Lawrence River, in the charming municipality of Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, on a beautiful sunny Saturday to discover another piece of family history.

Exceptionally, the day began with the annual general meeting in order to free the day for other activities. The Board of Directors was re-elected. The beautiful weather allowed several participants to picnic on the Church grounds facing the river while the rest remained in the Golden Age Hall for an excellent buffet lunch. We then joined our meeting points for the guided tours of the Church and “The Tomaterie”.

Our young guide told us the church building was completed in 1838 after 14 tumultuous years opposing two different camps of citizens.  The Corinthian-style church was built according to the plans of the architect Baillargé. There are no columns in this church, and it is enhanced by several pieces of art including a painting by Pasqualoni and two other paintings by the Canadian artist Plamondon.  The benches are from the Nicolet Cathedral which was destroyed during the landslide of 1955. A Gallic Rooster rests over its bell tower. Interestingly, a few ancestors are buried in different places under the Church, namely:   Josephte Spénard, wife of Jean-Baptiste Demers; Michel Mailhot, husband of Geneviève Louise Demers;  Clotilde Lemay, wife of Casimir Demers; and Octave-Louis Demers, son of Wilbrod Demers and Suzanne Moras.

The owner of the “Tomaterie”, Mrs. Guylaine Roy, welcomed us warmly during the visit of the store facilities, as well as the summer kitchen where cranberries and tomato products are transformed.  A tasting of the products offered at the store allowed us to discover what Sir Paul McCartney enjoyed eating during his visit to Quebec City.  We were also privileged to visit the wonderful home of Ms. Roy, an ancestral house that was once the general store.

Back in the Golden Age Hall, some took the opportunity to visit between each other while others went to the mass offered by the parish in our honor.  Later, Alain presented Louis Daniel, Louisette, Marie-Paule and Michel Cabana with Honorable Members certificates. The Mayor of St-Pierre-les-Becquets, Yves Tousignant took the floor and Ms. Claudette Fournier with Suzanne told the story of the Demers families, pioneers of the area. The meal was served under the care of Mario Grondin and participants departed in the late evening, delighted with this wonderful summer day and this new incursion into the lives of another line of ancestors.


Suzanne  Demers