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The first three ancestors Étienne, André, Jean

OUR FIRST ANCESTORS Three Dieppois carpenters from Normandy (France),  came to settle in New France in the 17th century, they are:
• Étienne Dumay   Married on January 28, 1648 to Françoise Morin, in Notre-Dame-de-Québec. Nine children are born from this marriage.  
• André Dumay   Married on January 7, 1654 in Marie Chedville, in Notre-Dame-de-Montreal. Twelve children survive this marriage.  
• Jean Dumay   Married on November 9, 1654 to Jeanne Védié, in Notre-Dame-de-Montreal. This marriage gives twelve children.  

Following surprising and interesting adventures, each of these three ancestors marks in his own way the history of the region where he takes root. For Étienne, it’s Sainte-Foy; for André, it’s Ville-Marie and for Jean it’s Lauzon’s Seigneury.  

Today, the descendants of these early ancestors are well established in America, especially in Quebec (Canada) and the northeastern United States.   Over the years, our Association is in the process of writing the history of these ancestors and their descendants