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In the book Le Cheval canadien, – Histoire et espoir (The Canadian Horse, – History and Hope) by Claude Richer and Pearl Duval, we note on page 102 that one of the horses in the 1st Register had belonged to Exéas Demers from St Dominique de Bagot. His Fanny (Black mare, white on the forehead, white posterior balls, 5’2.5 “) would have been born in 1903 and was No. 8 in this Genealogy Book of the Canadian Horse (1909?).

Exeas, also a descendant of André, was born, married and died in St-Dominique de Bagot. He was also there in the censuses of 1881, 1891 and 1901. He was born in 1872 and died in 1939. At his wedding, he is registered Pierre Exeas but he signed Exeas. At his burial he is named Exeas. He was registered as a farmer at his wedding in 1892 as well as at the baptism of his godchild in 1901 (a nephew).

Married to Regina Dion. The Demers-Dion couple do not seem to have had children, but they adopted a daughter, Palmana Couture, born in 1892 in St-Dominique. We find her with the couple in the 1901 census (the first names are har to read) and is registered there as their daughter. She married in 1910, in St-Dominique. In the text she is inscribed Palmina but signed Palmana. On the 2nd page of the marriage certificate, we read <in the presence of Elzear Demers, adoptive father> but he signed Exeas.