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Annual Report 2021-22

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this 32nd. meeting of the General Assembly of the Association des Familles Demers Inc. It’s no secret that the pandemic has resulted with the restrictions we have been experiencing for the past two years. They have slowed down, if not very nearly interrupted our activities. Nevertheless, it is with great pleasure that I submit to you the report of our activities for the year 2021-2022 as well as the projects and / or changes that we wish to put forward for the year 2022-2023.
I would like to thank all the people who give generously of their time, be it as administrators or volunteers, nothing would be possible without their contribution. These people constitute a rejuvenated and dynamic team and contribute with their generosity and determination in making our Association a unique organization. <
So here’s what we’ve accomplished during the past year:

Four meetings of the Board of Directors were held by video conference:

• April 17, 2021
• June 12, 2021
• November 6, 2021
• February 26, 2022
An Executive Board meeting, was also held by video conference on October 7, 2021
We also had very many exchanges via the internet or the telephone.


In charge: Alain Demers
Andrée Demers

Andrée Demers joined the committee in 2018, and since her arrival she is responsible for putting the newsletter together from the elements we have prepared, the text submitted and the photos collected. As President, I would like to thank everyone who collaborates with the newsletter by providing texts and photos, translating, proofreading the various texts, and looking for sponsors.

A growing number of our members, in an effort to save paper, are now asking us to send them their newsletter by email in PDF format. If you wish to subscribe to this service, please notify us directly or by email at .


In charge: Alain Demers

On the marketing side and promotional products: We currently have an interesting inventory of items bearing the image of our coat of arms. Therefore, we have no immediate plans to add new items to this list.
All of our promotional items, as well as a revised interactive order form, are available on our website. I invite you to consult it. These items are all very reasonably priced and you could use them as gifts for your family members.
On the communication side: I’m responsible for the publication of articles highlighting exploits or other interesting facts about Demers on our Facebook page. It is in this spirit that we have published some « Historical Capsules » recounting past events that are worth mentioning. We try to vary the topics in these publications. The number of members is constantly increasing and allows me to interact frequently with descendants of Demers throughout North America.
If you want to be notified of our publications, please go to our page and click on the « like » under the picture of Board members. If you are aware of an event of interest highlighting a Demers let us know at:
Our website is also online and is attracting a lot of interest. Since its opening, there have been more than 8,000 visits, some of them from our Facebook page linked to the website. Considering its configuration, I was able to make some minor updates but are thankful that Philippe Demers (son of Raymond) now provides the needed software and content updates. Last year, our service provider increased the cost of his service by a little more than double. We feel that we do not receive service justifying that cost from them. Therefore, the Board members have approved the decision to return to the FAFQ for the service we require.


In charge: Alain Demers and all the members of the Board

Although it was impossible to hold a Gathering last year, we were nonetheless required to hold our Annual General Meeting. Therefore, we convened and held this Annual General Meeting via Zoom, on September 11th. Twenty members participated in this meeting, including 5 American cousins.

The election of administrators also took place during the meeting, inducting Hélène (486) and confirming the status of Philippe (480) and Louis-Martin (483), who also made their official entry as Board members. As for the election of the executive, it took place during the 128th. meeting of the Board held on November 6, 2021.


In charge: Johanne Demers

Sadly, Yvan Demers, who had been a member of the Association since its inception and our official genealogist for many years, passed away at the beginning of this year. Yvan was also the custodian of our « paper archives » as well as of our genealogical database which now contains the names of nearly 80,000 persons.

Johanne was frequently working with Yvan prior to his death and has since repatriated the archives to her home and was able to resume maintenance of the database on Heredis.

We have also renewed our subscription to Ancestry to assist us with some research. Johanne can now receive your genealogical requests via:

We continue to archive many paper and/or digitized documents. These are mainly notarial deeds, baptisms, marriages and burials records, but there are also articles and extracts from books concerning the Demers.


In charge: Luc Gingras

During the General Annual Meeting of September 11, 2021, Luc Gingras presented his current financial statement as well as forecast for the coming year with the analysis report completed by the analysts mandated to accomplish this task. We have now taken the necessary steps and prepared an appropriate procedure form to receive various payments from our Canadian members via Interac Transfer. We are also seeking for possibilities of being able to offer an equivalent service to our American members and hope that this will eventually be possible.


In charge: Rosy Scalvini and Johanne Demers
Rosy performs among other tasks: the preparation of agendas, the drafting of minutes, proofreading of various texts as well as their translation. Johanne, continues in the very special task of tracking membership cards.

We are currently examining the possibility of sending by email, to all those who have given us their e-mail address, a unified form for the renewal of membership cards. Those who do not have access to e-mail, please rest assured you will continue to receive it in the mail. It will now be possible for Canadian members to use the Interac e-Transfer payment if you wish. To our American members, we do not forget you, we are looking for a solution.

I must mention that at the beginning of the year, the renewals of annual and five-year membership cards are going very well. This leads us to believe that our members appreciate our work and what is presented to them.

Thank you for your interest,

Alain Demers