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History of our Demers Families Association

Our Association has a beautiful and long history.

Founded on October 31, 1990 by Me Paul-Arthur Demers and supported by 19 people who responded to his call, our Association is celebrating its 32nd anniversary in 2022. At the first meeting held at Laval University, 7 people formed a first provisional Board of Directors. A first gathering was organized in May 1991 at the restaurant l’Anse aux Barques, located in the Maison Jean Demers on the Place Royale in Quebec City. A total of 99 people participated in this memorable event. On September 28 of the same year, more than 100 Demers gathered in St-Lambert de Lauzon to endorse the official formation of the Association.

Benefiting at the time from a wave of interest in genealogy, the Association experienced an impressive boom thanks to the dynamism of its board of directors. Let’s review some of the achievements together:
• Creation of our coat of arms
• 2 Trips to the land of our ancestors
• 3 Special gatherings
• 2 annual gatherings for nearly fifteen years before opting for a single annual meeting in June 2022
• Publication of our newsletter “L’Arbre du Mai” twice a year
• More recently, the establishment of a Facebook page
• Careful compilation of family data from the first six generations
• Many promotional products
• Book on the History of the Demers written by Jacques Brunette. Followed in 2019 by another book written by Alain Demers, in which the Ancestor Jehan Dumay tells in his own words his story and the installation of his three sons in New France.
Thanks to some television programs, a new craze for genealogy has resurfaced. The Association is well established and well in its saddle and we hope that this wave will encourage our children to join us and to be the pioneers of a vision more in their image.

Since 2013, the Association has entered the world of communications and social media. We are making good progress in this direction. Like our original goal, “to know and make known the Demers and their history”, these social media will highlight Demers’ events and/or products.

If you are already registered, keep following us on these media and above all don’t forget our motto: