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"Enabling today's Demers families to get to know each other and fraternize"
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For example, we are constantly on the lookout articles of interest about our history and particularly on families who migrated in the 19th century to the Canadian and American West.
Incredible numbers of Francophones left Quebec at that time to colonize and populate these regions. Even today, French names are visible in all spheres of society.
Looking forward to reading you soon.
Andrée Demers,   President


Alain Demers

“Among our ancestors, as in all families, some have made history and it is fascinating to discover them while learning to know our own ascendants better.

Alain Demers

Jacques Demers

I am very honoured to be the first member of your Hall of Fame and I want to support you to ensure the future of the association.

Jacques Demers, PDG, Les Serres Demers

Maurice CA

I really got to know the origins, not only of my family and ascendants, but of all the Dumay/Demers.

Maurice Demers

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