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2017 - Visit of the
Maison St Gabriel

To mark Montreal’s 375th anniversary, we visited the Maison St-Gabriel of which our ancestors André and Jean were neighbours.

Coming from Quebec, Ontario and the United States , 46 people took part in this visit from the cellar to the attic, as well as to the outbuildings of this beautiful farmhouse from 1668. In this house, the “Filles du Roi” (king’s daughters) were taken care of, they became those educated and devoted women whose values led to us.

The New France country dinner conquered us all by recalling these words of Marguerite Bourgeoys: “I will give them soup and bread”. The new original garden, protected by the mythical turtle, is a tribute to indigenous women. Together we lived an unforgettable moment that plunged us for too short a moment into the lives of our creative ancestors/builders.

To end our day, we travelled to the nearby YMCA to have a bite before leaving. It is together that we best manifest our beautiful belonging. See these few photos summarising this day.